Monday, June 2, 2008

Meet Some Friends

Becca, Me, Ashley
Joe & Me
Last Saturday was our friends' BRIGHT COLORS BDAY BASH! Woo-hoo! Here are some pictures from that rocking night. But more importantly we wanted to introduce you to one of our great friends, Ashley. She started working at my company two years ago and we became instant friends. We joke around and call ourselves 'Twin Souls' because we're so much alike. And luckily enough, Joe and Ashley also get along fabulously. They are both from the New England region and both are soccer fanatics. Becca is Ashley's new roommate and is the biggest sweetheart. She has a great voice and loves to sing at church. Joe and I are so happy that we've found some of the greatest, life-long friends anyone could ask for.


danielleandsteve said...

Mel you are so fun! Thanks for checking up on the our blog! Hope everything is going well! Keep in touch...Dan

Shauna Fishel said...

you guys are adorable... by the way, i'm loving the blog...isn't it so fun to see what every is up to. and yes, i got your email...i'm horrible about writing back. i get an email..think, "okay i need to write them back" and then totally forget till the next time i go through my old mail. wait till your a's ridiculous how mental you get.
take care....hey do you still use the "smooches?" if not i think it's def time to bring it back! shauna