Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime Weekends are the Best!

Joe has officially grown out his Fu Manchu and you know what that means?! Summertime! I love getting into the routine of being beach bums and just celebrating nice weather. This past weekend was a prime example. Friday night was a little going-away festivity for our good friend who is taking a 40-day road trip out West on his Harley. Saturday we drove out onto Carolina Beach with some friends and had a rocking beach party. That night everyone came over to our place and we barbecued all kinds of goodies. Joe was in charge of the grill and learned to never set a roll of paper towels too close to the grill because they WILL catch on fire. Scary but hilarious by the same token! Finally on Sunday, Joe did his 2nd-ever century ride. For the non-road bike gurus out there, that's a 100-mile bike ride. It takes about 6 hours and Joe is usually pretty hungry afterwards! But he's really working it out and I'm so proud of him. Sunday night we painted the last unpainted room in our house. With the bright red summer sun glaring in through the windows and Citizen Cope blasting from our iPOD, it just reminded me of how much I love summer!


Lisa D said...

UHHH - can you say the word "Slavedriver"!

The man rides his bike for 6 hours on Sunday and then you want him to help paint the last room in the house.

I'm sorry, Joe, for helping raise her with that "me, me, me" mentality.

Anyway, I'm sure it looks wonderful. You forgot to mention what color it was that you painted the room. We're all just dying to know!!!!! :)

Shauna Fishel said...

i'm totally with you...i love summertime! hey how close are you to the beach...that's just no fair. we're staying a week on Ocracoke at the end of August, but i hate going so late in the season though, the anticipation is just going to kill me. oh, BTY you'll have to send some pics of your house and the surrounding area so we can see what it's like. back!