Sunday, August 10, 2008

Semper Fidelis

My little cousin, Aaron, just graduated from the Marine Corps Boot Camp! Joe and I drove down to Parris Island, SC to meet up w/the rest of my family to go to the graduation. I'm so, so proud of Aaron and I know that he'll take this challenge and run w/it. And it's great seeing Aaron look up to Joe as a fellow Marine that has lived this life before and succeeded. It was such a great day and Aaron was really an inspiration to everyone. Way to go bud!

P.S. The last picture is of me w/Hummer, the Marine Corps mascot bulldog. What a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Joe how did that feel being back on the island? Call me when you can, we haven't chatted in a bit!
Hugs to you both!

Shauna Fishel said...

well i don't know Aaron, but what i do know is that that is a WAY cute dress. you look great. hope all is well in NC...our OBX trip is quickly approaching and i can hardly contain myself.

Tanner and Andrea said...

wait a second- is that aaron schultz?- is he even your cousin? i cant tell from the pics- IF that is him- I am sooo proud of him- and tell him I sai HI!!

Anonymous said...

What acute dog! I had one growing upo aren't they fun?
Looks like you had a nice time.