Friday, September 12, 2008

Holla for your girl!

Cortney and I about to get the party started.
Crossing the Finish Line.
Joe and I after the race.
Cortney and I after the race.
Dana congratulating me!
Yes people. With some help from my good friend Cortney, Joe had officially talked me into doing my first competitive race. So last night I ran a 5K in downtown Wilmington that funded the preservation of our historic city. I started to get a little pumped before the race started as fellow runners started clapping and getting all kinds of crazy. My first mile was very decent and I probably clocked it at about 8 minutes. However after that, things started to slow down for me for the next 2 miles. I ended up finishing at 33:52 which I'm pretty pleased about.
As I crossed the finish line and my friends and Joe were there, I immediately started crying. All this emotion just started pouring out. LOL. You would've thought I just finished the Boston Marathon or something. LOL. All in all, it was a good time and I hope I keep this running routine up.
P.S. Please note the shirt I ran in. 'I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND' I thought it only appropriate to represent ol' Joe.


Shauna Fishel said...

wow, trust me, from someone who would rather eat dog poop than work out/run.. that is a MAJOR accomplishment...WAY TO GO!!! i bet you'll be whippin' up ol' joe here pretty soon.

Lisa D said...

Congrats Mel!

Next thing you know you'll be doing mini-triathlons. If you find one that doesn't require running, I'll do it with you :)

I hate running. Why can't there be one that consists of swimming, biking, and rollerblading? or speedwalking? or doing kickboxing for 2 hours? .... anything but running