Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas! Sretan Bozic!

I can't believe Christmas is over and 2009 is almost here! Ey yi yi. But looking back over the past week, I most definitely had a blast. Joe and I did our usual split at Christmas. He flew up to New Hampshire to be with his family and I drove my eight hours to PA to be w/mine. This Christmas for my family was both exciting and sad. On one hand, we welcomed a new baby into the family named Capri. This was her first Christmas so it was really memorable to spend it w/her. On the other hand, my cousin Aaron was in Japan serving for the Marines and wasn't able to make it home for the holidays. Although I missed him a ton, I know he's doing a great thing serving his country. I did get to talk to him on the phone on the 25th which was amazing so I'm super thankful for that. Below are a few pictures I took in PA when I was visiting home. I hope everyone had an excellent holiday and I can't wait to see you all in the new year.

Nanny & Baby Capri
Baby Capri & Me - (Don't I look good holding a baby?!)
Pappy & Nanny - Lovebirds
Cooper & My Mom

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