Sunday, February 1, 2009

40's Fashion Party

This past Saturday evening, some friends of ours threw a 40's FASHION PARTY. What a complete blast! Earlier in the day, some of the couples that were invited to the party went downtown to Flashbax. It's our local vintage shop and the staff is so much fun to work with. We all got set up with our 40's gear and were off. Joe and I brought the pigs-in-a-blanket...totally 40's (I think). And we just had so much fun at the get-together that the group is planning an 80's HOMECOMING EVENT to keep this vintage era theme going.

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Shauna said...

you guys looks like you have so much fun...wish we lives closer. i love the outfit by the way, i'm SOOO an old soul at heart. the last post pic of you and Joe is cute...isn't it amazing the way things just fall into place sometimes. hope all is well in NC. smooches