Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Other than the fact that I'm 1/8 Irish (lol), St. Paddy's Day is a great holiday for us. First and foremost, Joe's godmother was Irish. So even though this day brings a tear to our eyes, it's a great time to remember this wonderful lady that was near and dear to us. Our thoughts were definitely with her this holiday and Joe even wore green in remembrance. Then it's also my dad and Tina's wedding anniversary. Two years ago, they got hitched in Las Vegas at The Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel. A ceremony I will never forget!
And saving the best for last, it's also Cooper's 6th birthday. That's right, he's a St. Paddy's baby. What a lucky kid. This is a picture of him at school this year on his birthday. After seeing this tie at a costume store, he just knew he had to have it. Besides it being completely fashion-forward, it matched his 'Get Lucky' button perfectly.


Shauna said...

wow, that cooper sure is a cutie...i didn't realize how adorable he is. fast forward 10 years and he'll be "best dressed" for sure. smooches

Nikki❤Shobel said...

Awww Josephine I was so sad to hear about Teta(sp?) Joan... she was such a wonderful lady.... I'll never forget the weekend that she was in NC when I was up visiting Erich and Kate! how are you doing what have you been up too?