Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Update

I've officially finished all four books in the Twilight series. It was so sad to see it all end when I finished reading this amazing saga but I am so happily fortunate to have been introduced to Edward Cullen and all of his amazing attributes. So much so that I had to run out and buy this shirt. I think this pretty much sums it all up for me. I'm sure all you fellow Twilight-ers can totally relate!
And while I've been casually reading to my heart's content, Joe's been cramming hard. End of the semester finals are right around the corner and Joe is so looking forward to them being over. Cross your fingers for Joe that all goes well! And that his summer of relaxing and having fun can start ASAP.
Meanwhile off in Florida, Cooper D (my little brother) has been kicking some major karate butt. He has mastered the art of board breaking. And to Joe and I's surprise, signed an actual board he broke at competition and sent it on up to us. Cooper is so beyond cool. We love that kid.


Shauna said...

love the shirt...i hadn't seen that one...darn it. i know, i was so sad when i finished all the books. i even had this delusion that i would "save the last one" for a couple weeks and read it at the beach last summer. i made it about 10 minutes. glad you loved em.

Kaylie said...

mel- i'm on the 3rd book right now! i have such a hard time putting it down once i start reading-lol. it drives rob crazy at night when i won't turn off my light- haha. that shirt is great- where did you find that! lol- hope finals go well for joe :)