Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego is for Lovers

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I was leaving Joe behind in North Carolina and heading out to SAN DIEGO! I was beside myself w/excitement. I went out to throw Faye a bridal shower with all of her San Diego friends and spend some quality time in a great city with my best friend. We toured the city, made a day trip to Temecula Wine Country, and ended up having an awesome shower. YAY!On my first day in San Diego, Faye picked me up from the airport and we immediately started celebrating our time together. We went out to dinner that evening and then over to Balboa Park for some after-dinner drinks. Balboa Park is an amazingly built park that houses some beautiful old-world style buildings, tons of gardens that are lit up at night, and even contains the San Diego Zoo. As Faye and I were wondering the grounds that night on our way to the car, we came upon a magnificent fountain that was definitely worth pondering over for a minute. As we were standing there admiring everything, I hear, "Hey Buns." (Sidenote: Joe's nickname for me is Buns.)

I turn around and THERE'S JOE! He starts telling me how he wanted to suprise me on my trip to California and how he missed me and just wanted to be with me. Meanwhile, I see Faye and Ryan tip-toeing off to the side. Before I know it, Joe is down on one knee professing his love and asking me to marry him!

You know my answer! And the rest is history. We celebrated that evening in Balboa Park with champagne and rasberries ... and two of our great friends, Faye & Ryan. It was so magical! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Now ... onto wedding planning!!


Anonymous said...

YEY!! Congrats you two love bugs! El and I are both so happy for you! Can't wait to see you both in August!

Kaylie said...

Mel- that is the cutest story..i'm so happy for you two!

faye said...

You know I'm a fan!!!

Danielle said...

Woohoo! So exciting! I am so happy for you... and joe of course! Let's see a upclose and personal with that ring! lol Congrats mel, you are going to make a beautiful bride!

Shauna said...

what the smokey!!!! it's about time that boy took my advice. congratulations....and what a sweet way to do it. i can just imagine the look on your face when he showed up there...go ahead da man. wedding date?

Shauna said...

LOVE THE RING totally haven't stopped looking at it yet have you? i remember almost wrecking my car the night i got engaged...i couldn't stop staring at my finger on the steering wheel. ahhhh, soak this all up, it'll be some greatest times ever.