Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Planning

A few months back, I was ecstatic to find out that Faye wanted me to be her bestest in her wedding. Her MOH. Her Maid of Honor. And I of course take no challenge lightly. So I was immediately hunting down vendors and aligning everything. With Faye being out in San Diego, I really had to step up my MOH game and get down to business. Luckily w/in months of being engaged, Faye & I both had close to everything worked out. We're very like-minded in the way where we get things done and we get things done right ... and fast.

With the wedding all wrapped up, we now could sit back and relax and get to the fun stuff. Hair. Make-up. Food tasting. Engagement Pictures. Faye & Ryan flew to the east coast last week and Thursday was officially the day we had both been waiting for. It was time to pick out linens ... decide on banana cake w/chocolate frosting or lemon pound cake w/rasberry glaze... and SO MUCH MORE.

It was an absolute blast. And even Joe and Ryan had fun ... at the food tasting. I cannot WAIT for Faye & Ry's BIG day. I just wish them all the best. And I am determined to be the all-time hardest-working MOH anyone could ask for!
Picking out the linens w/help from Faye's mom.

Engagement Pictures.

The bride and her MOH.The happy couple.

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