Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 2009 Happenings

My new job has been a bit on the stressful side. Sometimes it's so hard to become acclimated to new people, new surroundings, new everything. Beyond sending me flowers at work and making some delicious dinnertime meals, Joe really went out of his way to make me feel better. A few Saturdays ago, he decided to put up crown molding in the master bath. YAY! I was so excited. And while he was at it, we decided to change the color of our bathroom to 'Napa Valley' green. How delightful!And speaking of green things, our little green baby tomatoes have matured nicely into ripe red deliciousness. YUM!
And lastly, what's a blog posting w/out a wedding update?! My friend, Christen, and I are busy making a wedding website for Joe & I which will include all kinds of fun wedding details. In the meantime though, I wanted to share with all my blogging buddies some pictures of our reception site. Presenting St. Thomas Preservation Hall ...Dark hard wood floors. Stained glass windows. Exposed brick. Could you really ask for anything more?! St. Thomas Preservation Hall was actually the first Catholic church in North Carolina and it holds so much history and character. The minute Joe & I stepped foot into this magical building, we knew this was the place. The place we wanted to party hard with our family/friends in celebration of one of the greatest days of our lives.


Kaylie said...

love the new bathroom color, and the reception site is absolutely beautiful!

The Hill's said...

beautiful reception site... wedding planning is so fun!

Shauna said...

oh yeah, that reception hall is the BOMB girl! lovin' the ceiling as well (as all the other things you mentioned) absolutely PERFECT! also, you'll have to tell Joe the molding looks great. i had to blow up the picture so i could get a good look at his corners...and i have to say... A+. hope you guys are having a blast and looking forward to the big's such a fun time. smooches.
PS. wedding colors?

Tanner and Andrea said...

oh my gosh- congrats!!! i've been out of the blogging world for a while but IM BACK! lol- I just found out you were engaged- and wanted to say congrats- so happy for you!