Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas. Sretan Bozic.

Boy. What a whirlwind of a Christmas Vacation. I feel like I've been to the moon and back. And it all started with a blizzard in Pennsylvania that blanketed the ground with a whopping two feet of snow! I hadn't seen white stuff like that since I was in high school.

Then I had a White Wedding Winterland to go to. My cousin, Aaron, married his sweetheart Bekah the weekend before Christmas. He flew back from Japan where he's stationed as a Marine. It was so beautiful and well worth the 8 hour drive. Congrats you lovebirds!
Then it was off to Wolfeboro on Christmas Eve. Just another little 9 hour drive. Holy Moly. But again well worth it. They had a ton of snow there too. Joe, Craig, and I took advantage of it by going snowmobiling. I had to borrow some snow gear circa 1980 from Vlado.
THEN it was off to Nikki's (Joe's sister) house on Christmas Day. Here's Vlado in his brand new Snuggie complete with a Croatian patch.
Finally I got some snuggle time in with Cody before our 17 hour drive back to Wilmington. What an adventure! But so good to be home.


The Dawsons said...

Looks like a great time! How do you get your pictures so big on your posts? I need the secret so I can do it with mine! Let me know :)

Tanner and Andrea said...

holy cow... i can't believe aaron is married... tell him i said congrats would ya! i'm so happy for him- he sounds like he's doing so good. i love it

Joe and Melody said...

Will do Andrea! I'm sure he'll be so glad to hear from you.