Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bringing in the New Year.

Josh & Jen, one of our favorite couples, came into town to help us bring in the new year. We had New Year's dinner at this amazing Italian eatery, Osteria Cicchetti. Then it was off to bring in 2010 with a bunch more of our friends at an 80's cover band concert. The night was amazing. And way too much fun.

Josh & Joe had the most fun though. When these two boys get together, it is pure bliss ... to them. They feed off of each other. And they can't stop. It's really quite amusing. This is one of the many things they became obsessed with last weekend ... the TURKEY. As you can see, Joe does a thumbs-up and puts it up to Josh's spread hand and ... voila! A TURKEY. Boys will be boys, I guess.

Among shopping trips, pork & sauerkraut dinners, and the Avatar movie we found time for some board games. One night the four of us were playing a very challenging game of JENGA when we looked over and Nina (Josh & Jen's Great Dane) was literally sitting on the couch like a person. Here's the Three Amigos all mimicking each other.

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