Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joe & Mel's Top 10 for 2009

#3 - Growing deeper in our religion together.
This is one of our engagement pictures taken by the St. Mary Catholic Church, the church where Joe & I will be getting married .. in about 3.5 months. Since August, we have been taking RCIA classes with the church. Every Saturday, 3:30p-5p. Then we hit up Saturday night mass. We've also been doing some marriage prep courses through the church that have been SO helpful. And with all this, Joe & I have really developed a deeper love for the church and each other. Looking back, it seems to me that Joe & I were a pretty plant. In a pretty pot. On someone's front porch. But now I feel like we're getting some roots. Deep roots. I can already see our family being raised in a loving religious home. And boy ... that is a good feeling.


Perry said...

aww Melody that's so great! Shawn and I are working our way through Love Dare (even though they say its for one spouse to do on the other), but it's been so wonderful! We are starting some marriage prep classes soon too! Yay for roots! c

Shauna said...

i've been outta the bloggin' world for a while, and boy have you been BUSY. i've loved catching up on all the posts. especially love the bike art (he's such a keeper) and the Top 10 is's fun to see all your friends. it's gonna be a good year for you two, i just know it.
ps. you totally hit the nail on the head with religion. it makes such a difference in your home. espeically after you have kids and realize that you have to send them out in this scary world. roots...i like that...deep roots.