Sunday, April 11, 2010

All Catholic. All the time.

Joe & I took the Catholic plunge Easter weekend and got confirmed! The finishing touches on our relationship before getting married if I do say so myself. I'm ready. Joe's ready. We're both so ready to grow together in the church. And have our little ones raised in the church. And have Joe Jr. and Melody Jr. and Joe Jr. Jr. grow up going to St. Mary's School. After, of course, we buy our 2-story 1900's house downtown just a few blocks from the church and school so I can walk while they ride their bikes. But before we buy our condo in the mountains of North Carolina where we can visit and ski all winter. But after ... ah, nevermind. I could go on all day. I've got plans. BIG plans! Most importantly though during it all we'll be ... All Catholic. All the time.