Monday, March 21, 2011


Or as I like to call him, Josip. (in Croatian, pronounced Yo-sIp)

It was St. Joseph's Day on Saturday.  Meaning it was Joseph's Name Day in the Catholic World.
I've always thought that Joe's name fit him perfectly and his saint fit him even more perfectly.  
Here's why:

St. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus so he must've been an awesome dad for God to pick him. 
Joe is awesome with kids.

St. Joseph was one of the best known carpenters of all time and history and a very hard worker.
Have you seen my blog posts on Joe's handy work?!

All of the pictures of St. Joseph have him with a wicked good beard.
Joe loves his facial hair, too.

Did you ...?  I think I heard ...?  What's that ...?  Yes ... it's the beginning of a photo montage ...

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lauren said...

i love it! what a great tribute to your hubby! and how nice that he loves facial hair like his saint lol. :)