Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Like Family

Note: Buckle down for another story about my favorite 3-year-old.

A little background before getting too far: 
Many moons ago Robin, Ashley, and myself brainstormed the idea that we would ... from that moment on ... call ourselves TripleThreat.  I won't go into too much detail as to not give too much of our craziness away but it was a term that laid near and dear to our hearts.  We WERE TripleThreat in every sense of the word.  We carried the name well.  We had TripleThreat nights where we celebrated ... ourselves.  Emails between us girls proudly displayed our TripleThreat name.  We even emblazoned Forever 21 hooded cardigans with our very own TTT (TripleThreat slang) logo.

Fast forward 4+ years:
One night last week I was off to have tacos with my favorite Wilmington mother/daughter duo, Robin & Ella.  Arriving at our destination and departing the car, Ella stretches her right hand out to meet mine and her left hand to hold her mother's.  We were an instant train of three.  Three as in triple. 
Triple as in ... you guessed it.

I say out loud, 'Hey girl.  This is like TripleThreat!'

Ella turns to me and with complete intentness says,
'No, Aunt Mel.  This is like ... FAMILY.'
Touch√©, Ella Jean.  Too true.


robinriggs said...

Well, you've earned the "family" title! You're the best "Aunt Mel" that any little girl could hope for!!

Faye said...

Awww, that's such a wonderful story!!

brent said...

she is soooo cute. oh my gosh. what a cute pic.
ps. you may be a dork if...you've ever emblazoned something...or even used the term for that matter. lol.

brent said...

speaking of family...it's been a whole year now...i'm just sayin'.

totally kidding, (okay, not totally;)

lauren said...

from the mouth of babes...:)