Tuesday, August 30, 2011

21 Weeks

21 weeks and over halfway there!

This past week was very momentous for Baby Madzar.
Our weather in Southeastern North Carolina consisted of tornadoes, an earthquake, and Hurricane Irene.
Little Girl's first series of catastrophic weather events.
Something for the baby book.

One other noteworthy occurrence also happened that was much bigger than the 5.8 earthquake or the Category 3 hurricane.
Ms. Heather Smartt came into town for a visit, posh baby clothes in hand.
Here's a sneak peak of just the beginnings of Baby Girl's wardrobe.

Update on Mama Madzar.
I'm doing FAN-TABULOUS these days.
I'm slowly putting together colors for the nursery.
My nails are super strong from the prenatal vitamins.  Joe calls them my talons.
It's harder to paint my toes, shave my legs, and tie my shoes these days.
Luckily I have a very helpful husband.

Update on Papa Madzar.
His fatherly strut is starting to take shape and he loves talking about the baby.
He gets his 'kicks' these days from feeling for baby thumps while we lounge on the couch.
He still helps with cooking and cleaning.
He searches endlessly for nursery designs ... and little girl names.
Did I mention he is the awesome-est husband and dad?!

Update on Baby Girl Madzar.
She is 12 ounces.  A whole can of Coke.
She's not so much a morning person but a 10am kind of girl.  She's usually kicking up a storm by then.
After lunch she slips into a food coma and likes to curl up on my right side.
(This makes me look lop-sided.)
Then she wakes back up in the evening just in time to say hi to Dad.
She loves to listen to music in the car or GLEE on the television.  Pretty sure she's a ROCK STAR.

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

From the looks of her wardrobe shes well on her way to being a cute ROCKSTAR!!! Now she just needs a rocker name :) - sarah