Friday, February 10, 2012

One Month Old

1-Month Onesie made special for Emilija by Teta Nicole. (Hvala!)
One month?  4 weeks?  28 days?  No matter how you say it, I can't believe it.

I remember when you had just turned one-week-old and I couldn't imagine doing that three more times.  Well, turns out we did.  And survived. 

We've sort of turned into a pro-mother/daughter team.  I pay attention to your every detail, your every move.  And you mix it up every day so that I have no choice but to pay attention.

According to the doctor, you are happy and healthy.  Your most recent weigh-in was 8lb, 7oz; that's in the 50th percentile.  You continue to measure long; you're in the 94th percentile for height.

You're a seasoned breast milk connoisseur.  Like experienced wine drinkers that sniff their glass of vino and swirl it around before taking their first sip, you too have a method for drinking your favorite liquid gold.  You first perch your neck up like a tiny turtle.  Then that turtle turns into a barracuda aggressively attacking; your head swinging side-to-side violently until you are latched.  If it were a live animal you would've destroyed it in the first bite.  Dad & I laugh hysterically every time.

You're a great sleeper at night.  You're always giving us at least 4 hours of rest and relaxation.  Mornings are great for eating and sleeping, too.  However then comes the 'witching hours' in the evening and you fight sleep like a champ and are always wanting to be held.  Luckily Dad is home by this time.  And believe me, some times it takes a 2-man team to handle you. 

We give you lots of kisses on your lips.  And you like it and let us know with a smile.  I don't care what those milestone charts say about a baby not being able to socially smile until they're 8-weeks-old.  I really think you are smiling right at us, eye contact and everything.

We have lots of names for you:
Emilija - the most obvious one.
Mila - a little nickname that we call you occasionally.
Em - I've never called you this in person but use it in texts/emails to friends.
Kickin' Wing - Dad calls you this a ton.  Especially when you really get those legs going!
Stinky Butt - This name comes out when you've got a ... you guessed it ... stinky butt.
Hot Mess - This name comes out in the evenings when ... you guessed it ... you're a hot mess.

We think you're perfect. 

You like when we sing to you, in (Mom) or out (Dad) of tune.  You like Rock-A-Bye Baby.  I think Dad & I have both sang that one million times each to you.  You also like Favorite Girl by The Icarus Account.  I discovered this when I was looking on our photographer's (maternity and newborn shots) new website and this song was on repeat.  Your ears perked up and I could tell you were intrigued.  So if Perry (photographer) has an ITP address tracker, she'll see the same Wilmington computer log on every day, several times a day.

We already think you are super smart ... and advanced.

Did you notice that you are holding up '1' finger in the picture on this post?  You're sneaky.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we've ever seen.  

We love you like crazy.

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Tanner and Andrea said...

I too think she is soo beautiful... and yes, holding that finger up is sooo super advanced ;)
I love the nicknames... It made me think of the names i have I have for Presley- it made me laugh.
Well- you've survived the first month- now onto the second. and then when you are hitting month 11 you will be sad and wish you were back at month 1. ;)
So happy for you guys. Beautiful family.