Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mimi Comes to Visit

Mimi is in town.
And just in time for Emilija's 7-week birthday!

Em has been spoiled with new books, many walks in her Bugaboo, and lots of Mimi Kisses.
Joe & I have been treated with amazing dinners every evening.

Emilija is going on ten pounds.
She officially has a muffin-top in her too-snug can't-be-wasted newborn diapers.

She is 23.5" long.
We (Mama, Mimi, & Tata) have kissed every inch.

And as you can tell from the picture, Emilija is all smiles these days.
Ear to ear.

1 comment:

Kayla Byrne said...

Your blogs just make me smile. She is getting so big and is still as gorgeous as ever! Of course, with a momma like you, she has no other choice but beauty :)