Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Months Old

2-Month Onesie made special for Emilija by Teta Nicole. (Hvala puno!)
Can you believe it, Silly Silly?!  You're another month older already.

I keep flipping back and forth between your 1-month pictures and these 2-month ones and I can't believe how much you've grown.  This time together is already going too fast.  I wish there was a slow-motion button.

Dad & I are completely obsessed with you and miss you when you're not with us.  Many times as you nap we find ourselves filling the void by looking at pictures or videos we have taken of you.  We can't seem to look at your face enough.

We think you are perfect.

Your last feeding of the day is between 7p and 8p.  Dad feeds you a bottle of freshly expressed milk, burps you, and then gets you ready for bed.  He wraps you in your favorite leopard-print swaddle and then rocks you.  You fall asleep on his chest every night.

You sleep until 4a or 5a in the morning.  You're a real sleeping champion.  This is a great gift to us.  Dad & I get our fill of computer time and television time and most importantly, sleep time. 

After that first feeding in the early morning I never lie you back down in your bassinet.  I place you in our bed and lay my head on the mattress right next to yours.  We look into each others' eyes as you fall back asleep.  Even after your eyes are closed, mine aren't.  I continue gazing at you and glance up at dad sleeping too and wonder how I got so lucky in this life.

You smile and laugh ALL THE TIME.  It is the sweetest thing.

You have discovered your mouth and tongue.  You are quite the conversationalist always chatting away.  You blow bubbles and drool all over your chin.  One time you even mimicked me by making a 'clucking' sound.

You also LOVE to kick your feet.  You kick,kick,kick all the time.  Some times you'll even watch your legs and feet moving away and start to giggle.  I hope you'll always have the ability to make yourself laugh.

You go everywhere with us: grocery store, mall, bank, restaurants, friends' houses.  But your favorite place is a trip to the park.   You love the fresh air.

We still think you are the most beautiful baby we've ever seen.

We love you like crazy.

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