Friday, October 5, 2012


Dearest Emilija,

You & I were on the floor in Tata and I's room today.  We were playing.  You were crawling away from me as fast as you could; I was chasing.  I was tickling you; you were belly-laughing.

I grabbed both of your hands to pull you up into a standing position.

Facing one another I said, "Can I have a KISS?!"

I puckered up and leaned in, fully expecting it to be a typical one-sided kiss.  But as my head tilted forward, yours did the same.  Caught off guard, I stopped.  Wide-mouthed, you continued on until your lips touched mine.  We held eye contact the entire time.

I shrilled with delight.  I immediately wanted more.  We kissed two more times.

You thrill me,

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Shannon said...

so happy you got your first kiss :)