Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry Christmas. Sretan Božić.

Merry Christmas. Sretan Božić. 
I had no idea how it would go.
Visions of tears and flailing arms danced in my head.

 We got in line.
Emilija started pointing at all of the Christmas decor.
Giant red/white striped lollipops with over-adorned trees and piled-high fake snow.

Em intently listened to the excitement of the little girls ahead of us.
She watched as they headed up to The BIG Man smiling ear-to-ear.
She saw them hop up on this strange man's lap and smile for the camera.

It was finally Miss Em's turn.
She did as her predecessors before her did.
...and we ended up buying the high-res digital file.

Until next year Santa.

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