Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emilija's 1st Birthday

Emilija's 1st Birthday
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1/12/12 was a very cold, very rainy day.
Joe & I have always joked that Emilija was a hippie because- she came with the rain.
 1/12/13, a year later, was in the 70's and very sunshine-y.
And so is our lives- from a shady coolness to a warm glow.

A '1' on her shirt and pink skinny jeans stretched long.
Milk & Cookies was the theme.
 Kuma D's was the place.
Pink was the color.

I didn't realize until a few days before.
But this party was not just for her.
It was for you and me- and all of us.
We were celebrating a year together, full of love and life.

My, what a year can do.

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