Friday, March 15, 2013

Leader of the Pack

We were relaxing on the couch one afternoon.

I announce, "I have to go to the restroom.  I'll be right back."

You look right, up at me.  You HUFF.  Then you roll left from a sitting position to flat on your stomach.  Your body is perpendicular to the couch, legs sticking out over the edge.  You inch your body so that your toes slowly near the floor while your shirt rides up your back.

Once grounded you walk toward the master bedroom door.  You stop and turn back as if to say- Are you coming?

I stand from the couch and follow you.  We round the corner into the bedroom, you in front and me behind.  We walk the hallway in line.

We reach the threshold of the master bathroom.  You make a half-turn to the left and point into the bathroom with your right hand.  I carefully pass in front of you and enter.

You proceed back into the hallway and begin making faces at yourself in the floor length mirror.  Once I turn the water off after washing my hands, you acknowledge my presence again.  As I'm drying my hands on a towel, you step in on the bathroom tiles and point up to the light switch.  I look at you with understanding and flip the light off.

You begin our return into the living room.

I think I will call you- Leader of the Pack.

Loving her chair. #sherpa #potterybarnkids #toocute

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