Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fifteen Months Old

Egg huntin'. #emilija #easter #egghunt 

Chatty McChats Alot.  That's your new name.  And for good cause.

The big milestone you've hit in the past three months is your language development.  You talk and talk and talk- whether we can understand you or not.  Everything we say, you try to say.  Everything we sing, you try to sing.  You're catching onto so much.

Yesterday morning the television was providing background sound.  Suddenly the birthday song came on.  You jerked up and started singing and dancing.  THEN you looked at me- lightbulb going on over your noggin.  You run into your bedroom and bring out your stuffed animal- that plays the birthday song.  You're so smart.

School is going really well.  You really enjoy your teachers and friends.  Every Tuesday & Thursday I greet you with, "You want to go see the kids?!"  And you shriek with excitement, "KIDS!!"  Then we go through all of their names.  I say Annabelle, and you say BELLE!  I say Nicole, and you say COLE!  It goes on and on.  You're adorable.

We always get a note at the end of school days that lets us know what fun things you did that day.  And every day you've done/said something funny.

The other day Ms. Hillary told us you were painting.  As you would pick up different colors, she would tell you the color and you would try to copy the word.  After going through all of the colors you looked at her and said, "Cool."

While you still use your hands to eat most of the time- you are becoming a pro with the spoon.  Quinoa and yogurt are no problem for you, big girl.

You've started cleaning and organizing.  You can put all of your toys in the bins.  You can put all of your books on the bookshelf.  When you leave a room, you close the door.  When you open a cupboard, you make sure its closed before walking away.  That's my girl.

Your walk has become a bona fide run at times.

You love dogs.

You've got a good memory.  Tata & I were in a local surf shop trying beach hats on you.  You were not keen on it.  In a not-my-best mothering moment I said, "If you try on these hats, I'll give you a cookie."  I'll admit that I was bluffing- not thinking you would remember five minutes after I said it.  You called my bluff.  You didn't stop saying 'cookie' the entire shopping trip until we were seated in the Barnes & Noble cafe, a Double Chocolate Delight in hand.

You're still a good eater.  I hope that never goes away.

You are extremely maternal.  You always have a baby doll on your hip.  And you're always cleaning them or changing their clothes and rocking them or swaddling them, etc.  And when we're around a REAL baby, you are by their side constantly.  I know you'll make a wonderful BIG sister one day.

You test us every day.  You're good- we're better.

There are times when you are independent and there are times when you are shy.  But through it all, you are a good sweet baby.

You maintain your tall thin stature- that's the Croatian in you.

We think you are perfect.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen.

We love you like crazy. 

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