Thursday, June 5, 2014

Music Class

Every Thursday morning at 8:45a Emilija has music class with Mrs. Nieman.  There's lots of marching and singing.  We beat on the drum and shake the bells.  Sometimes the BIG BALL comes out and the kids roll it back and forth to one another to the beat of the music.  

But E's all-time favorite part is near the end.  The lights dim and out come the hammocks (beach towels).  As a soothing lullaby fills the air E lies down on one of the towels facing me, and Mrs. Nieman and myself gather up the ends creating a hammock.  We sway E back and forth.  She becomes completely placid in this moment.  Her expression is tranquil and her calmness is effortless.    

We stare at one another and become consumed in each others presence.  And this soon becomes my favorite part of music class too. 


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