Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 Years...& Going Strong

May 7 was Joe and I's 3 year anniversary. Go us! Joe sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers at work and then we exchanged gifts in the evening. Later we went downtown to have dinner on the balcony at Riverboat Landing. It was such a great day and we're so happy that we found each other and had the chance to spend the last 3 years together. Here's to another great year!


Anonymous said...

Congrats guys!!! Very cute pic!!


Lisa D said...

You guys are just so darned cute. What could you possibly see in each other. Ha! Ha!

Oh, to be young again. Two words for ya - Savor it!

See you at Nanny and Pappy's in about 10 days. Yes, I will help with the cost, but only as much as Chris does :) If you don't come up, you won't get this gorgeous Teapot and matching cups I got you. The red will really pop in your blue room.

Love Ya!

Shauna Fishel said...

hey's so good to hear from you. i can't even remember how long it's been since i've seen you. sounds like life's treating you good. cute boyfriend, i'd keep him around! lol. so i'm new to the whole bloggin thing and don't have anything interesting on mine yet, but check in once and a can only get better right! ttyl. shauna

Justin & Michelle said...

sup mel! well i'm glad to see you guys are doing great together! congrats on the 3 years! well just wanted to say hi, my wife does the bloggin so u might not even get this i don't know what i'm doing...