Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom & Cooper D in ILM

So this past weekend, Mom and Cooper D made the fun-filled plane ride up from Naples, FL to visit Joe & I in sunny Wilmington! How exciting! Everyone had a blast and how could you not?! We had trips planned to every major hot spot. We started out with swinging by the Children's Museum and the Serpentarium. Then we ended with the Fort Fisher aquarium, a ferry boat ride to Southport, and a trip to the beach.
Joe & Cooper rekindled their 'best buds' status with many talks of soldiers, tattoos, and...Nacho Libre! I never knew a 5-year-old could LOVE Jack Black so much. The ever-so-hilarious Nacho phrase 'ANACONDA SQUEEZE' was heard being shouted back and forth every night before bed.

We all had so much fun that I can't wait for them to come back up again! Maybe next time we can drink more Mona Vie and not eat so much ice cream! Here's to the next time we can hang out again and until then...


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Cooper is ADORABLE!! I could not stop laughing after reading the Nacho Libre phrase being said before bed...I LOVE IT!! So fun!! Glad your mom and Coop got to spend some quality time with you both! I am so happy you guys started a blog!! Yipee!!


Lisa D said...

We had a great time too, Mel! Cooper has been telling everyone about the snakes and feeding time. It's a nice, wholesome story for the other pre-schoolers :) He is also letting everyone know people will think they're a "Floozy". Oh, to be 5 years old again. Those were the good ole days and they're not coming back! We'll see you in May at Nanny and Pappy's. Hey, maybe we can get them to start blogging!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

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