Monday, June 30, 2008

The Kure Beach Triathlon Featuring JOE

Joe's on a roll, people! He completed his third triathlon this past Sunday and placed 4th in his age group and 34th out of 305 men. Not too shabby! The Kure Beach Triathlon consisted of ( in this order) a 350 meter swim, 1.5 mile run, 11 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, and another 350 meter swim. Whew! That's exhausting just writing it! The top picture is of Joe in his transition area after his first swim and onto the first run. Then the bottom picture is of him and I after he finished. Joe is really getting excited about his new found hobby and is really looking forward to a half Iron Man in the fall.

P.S. Joe got no comments on our post about the Topsail Triathlon he participated in. Let's show Joe a little more love this time around. Thanks everybody!


Lisa D said...

Great job Joe! At least someone in that house knows how to exercise.

A bigger goal than even the Iron Man Triathalon would be to get Melody to do a mini one.

If I, her 41 year old mother, can ride her bike 25 miles in one day than she can too!

I think Joe would like a little company and what a great way to spend time together.

danielleandsteve said... amazing.. I can't even imagine how exhausting that must be! good for you! Danielle Keep up the good work! are they for any charities or anything or just for fun?

Shauna Fishel said...

dude're totally the man...and if i must say so myself..."pretty much rock the spandex." lol.
seriously though..good job, it's pretty addicting i hear...the whole hard core excerise thing...too bad i'll NEVER know. later gator

Anonymous said...

Way to go Joe!!! We are very proud of you!! We can't wait to see you headboard idea is FAB! We might have to copy that for Vlado's crib!

Team NE