Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Celebration

Mom, Cooper D, and Pat
Nana & Pop
So it was another successful 4th of July celebration in the mountains of North Carolina! My grandparents live in Hendersonville, NC (about a 5 hour drive west from Wilmington) and have a weekend long Indepedence Day party every year. My Pop was a lifer in the Navy, my stepdad Pat was in the Army, and Joe did 4 years in the Marines. It's such an honor to have that many veterans in our immediate family and so great to see them all stand at attention and salute the flag of our great country.

Mom, Pat, and Cooper made the flight up to NC and the Wheless' (Pat's sister, husband, and kids) drove over from York, SC. There was tons of eating, laughing...and shockingly enough, exercising! After Joe told a few tales of his recent triathlon adventures, everyone was feeling pretty motivated. He even had my mom and stepdad running 2 miles by the end of the vacay!

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Lisa D said...

As Frank would say - "Thanks for the memories...."

What a great time. I will email you my pics from July 4th and our trip to Napa Valley. You have never seen so many pictures from a hot air balloon. Pictures never do it justice though.

Love Ya Mel and Joe!