Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday Night Beach Workouts

Yeah, that's my boy over there on the far left in the red baggies with the hot body and devilishly handsome face. mm-hm. So Joe has been going to these Wednesday night workouts at Wrightsville Beach all summer. They swim in the ocean, run on the sand, do tons of push-ups, do tons of lunges, and sometimes even push huge 18-wheeler-sized tires end on end down the beach. It's a crazy, tough workout and yet Joe looks forward to it every week. He's really stepping up his triathlon training and has even gotten me to work out more. You never know...there could be a half marathon or sprint triathlon in ol' Mel's future. Cross your fingers!


danielleandsteve said...

wow! that is all i have to say

Anonymous said...

Nice work Joe....I guess being a Marine helped with the training...Dad's been bragging about you in town that you have a body of a movie star!! Keep it up! Wish you were here to train my butt!!

miss ya!