Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Melody = 26

A few weekends back, My Nana came into town to visit with my Aunt Margie. After spending a week visiting family and seeing Wilmington, Nana, Joe, and I drove down to Edisto Island, SC to meet up with the Wheless' - Aunt Caroline, Uncle Kenny, Helena, & Dean Patrick. They had rented a beach house for the week and we were going to spend the first weekend of their stay hanging out on the beach, enjoying one of the cutest beach towns on the SC coast, and celebrating my birthday. We picked out a lovely key lime pie, plopped some candles on top, and called it a success.


Tanner and Andrea said...

Mel, when was your birthday..? I didnt even know! It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your family in town. I love it when my family comes to visit. Ya look good.

Jess said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mel.. Sorry I ment to leave you a message on your birthday but things have been crazy.. I hope you had a great day.. It is have to believe we are in our mid 20's,,, Don't you remember the good ol teen years thinking they were never going to end.. I still remember when you got good ol NEON Deon. for the sweet 16. ha ha ha.. i saw a car like that the other day and thought of you.. we had some good times in that car.. she could take a hair line turn like no other... remeber the bank we hit/slid into by my house.. o'''those were some great times.. miss ya..

Shauna Fishel said...

Mel, happy birthday...i didn't know you were lucky enough to have an October birthday as well (acutally i think i do remember now that i think about it..) anywho... hope it was a good one; sounds like you guys had a good time. hope all is well in NC..smooches