Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas in York, SC

The first weekend in December, Joe and I drove over to York, SC to spend Christmas with the Wheless'. We all had a blast exchanging gifts under their tree. Joe and I got the cutest canister from Jen Mecca's pottery collection. Crazy enough, Jen Mecca is a neighbor of the Wheless' and the first night I visited her artisan shop (years back) I fell in love w/everything. Ever since, I always secretly hope for another special piece of pottery from Aunt Caroline & Uncle Kenny no matter the holiday. So I was super excited to get our gift this year. Just one more wonderful piece to add to the collection! And don't let Joe fool you, he loves the pottery too! He was just as excited as I was.
Joe and I got Helena and Dean Patrick some handy-dandy camping bags complete w/sleeping bags, flashlights, and water bottles. They were so excited about them that they actually slept in them that night! They are so cute!

That night, Helena & Dean were in their school's performance of The Nutcracker. They were adorable and did a fantastic job! We had so much fun in York and can't wait to go back again. It was the perfect way to start off the month of December w/a Christmas BANG! Holla for the Holidays!


Tanner and Andrea said...

i just love christmas- it is such a fun time. :)- MERRY CHRISTMAS

Shauna said...

that looks like fun. i love pottery too, but i'm not familiar with that lady...i'll have to check into it. hope you guys have a great Christmas...
ps. so are wedding bells in the future for you guys are what? it would be a great time to get engaged." i'm not saying...i'm just saying!!! "

Joe and Melody said...

I'll pass the word along to Joe. ;)