Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joe's First Triathlon Sponsor

Exciting news everyone! Joe officially has a triathlon sponsor. Bike Cycles! Check him out!

There's my boy. Looking sharper than ever. We can only hope that this new found hobbie will turn into a career someday that's full of sponsorships, free t-shirts for everyone, and an ultimate hard body for Joe. I'm so proud of him. This is what happens when you really put your whole mind and body into something you're passionate about. If only he felt the same way about taking out the trash! Volim te Josip.

1 comment:

Shauna said...

way to go Joe. we're all rooting for ya.
hmmm...every time i see him in those spandex i try to imagine what i would look like in them...(note to self, never try that!)