Friday, March 13, 2009

Matt Long

Joe's triathlon sponsor featured a guest speaker tonight at the bike shop. It was a gentleman named Matt Long, FDNY firefighter, who after being a lifelong runner and recent Ironman triathlete was hit by a charter bus one morning while commuting on his bike to work in NYC. After three years of recovery which included learning to even stand again, he is now back into the game and just completed the NYC Marathon last November. He gave such an inspirational talk and is a walking miracle that proves anything is possible when you think you can. After overcoming his tragedy and succeeding as a runner again, he has started the 'I WILL' foundation. Check out the links below for his story in Runner's World and the link to his non-profit organization. What an inspiration!

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Shauna said...

whoa, holy post alert! hmm, where do i start...
i'm so glad that you're reading Twilight. so enthralling huh? it's interesting how you get sucked (ha ha) in by the whole thing. i loved them, girly or not, and i'm not afraid do admit it:)
second, you look great in the gear but i couldn't help but notice to frame behind you with the pics in it. did you make that. it's marvelous, i love the old look of it. comment me and let me know if you made it and HOW! so cute. i'm currently looking for the perfect frame to do a magnetic chalkboard.
third...way to go on your furniture creation project. can i just tell you that my biggest dream in life is to make and fix up old furniture. you have to visit the knack on my fav list, and check out some of the furniture that this woman paints...UNBelievable. hope you're well, you look good... and happy, smooches.