Friday, March 13, 2009

Gone Skiing

In less than two weeks, Joe is off to the slippery slopes of Bozeman, Montana for a little outdoor skiing adventure! His BFF Craig temporarily lives out there and Joe has decided to join him for a weekend rendezvous. Joe is beyond stoked right now. One of the things he misses most about his home state of New Hampshire is all the skiing that could be done in the winter months. (You saw my post of the 0.01 centimeter of snow we got this year in Wilmington so we don't get to see the soft powdery stuff very often, let alone go skiing.) So with a countdown of less than fourteen days, Joe is already unpacking the snow gear and making sure all bells and whistles are checked. I, in turn, wanted to test out everything also just to make sure all t's were crossed and i's dotted.And as luck would have it, Joe's Name Day is March 19. So obviously I wanted to get him something special to take on his ski adventures. Check out this awesome moustache bandana! It's the perfect accessory to keep all usually-exposed facial features nice and toasty. And Joe looks absolutely charming in it.