Monday, July 20, 2009

Exploring the South.

I simply love quaint little southern towns. Thus the reason I live in one! But for some time now I've been wanting to visit Charleston, SC. It's only a 3 hour drive and people just rave about it. They say it's just like Wilmington but 10x better! So when we found out that one of our good friends, Billy, was going to be working out of Charleston for a 2 week stint (and that we could stay in his hotel room for free!), we jumped on the opportunity for a little getaway to continue our exploration of the South.

Friday evening after work, Joe & myself & Cortney (Billy's girlfriend) all got on the road. Once we arrived in Charleston, it was on! We wasted no time and immediately hopped the trolley to downtown. We found a great local band and had an absolute blast the whole evening. Saturday we took the tourist approach and just walked EVERYWHERE. We found cute little shops, the most darling restaurants, and a huge market where I purchased a Charleston-style wide-brimmed hat for the beach. The fun didn't stop until Sunday evening. Charleston was everything and more! The feel. The houses. The markets. The people. It was magical.


Lisa D said...

You guys never get to have any fun. I feel so bad for you ;)

brent said...

ohhh, i've been wanting to visit there as well, sounds so beautiful and perfect. so how are the wedding plans coming. post some details already will ya? lol.

Tanner and Andrea said...

i long to live in the carolinas. it has always been a dream of mine. even for like a year or something. if you ask tanner where i would move tomorrow (other than by my sister) he would say the carolinas. i love it there- ah. i love small towns too. i can just imagine it. that's it- im going there!