Saturday, July 25, 2009

Engagement Party

AND ... let the wedding festivities begin!
Three of the greatest bridesmaids a girl could ask for threw Joe & I the ALL-TIME best Stock-the-Bar engagement party ever. It was such a blast! Robin sacrificed her home to hold the party and really spiced the place up with the cutest mason jars stuffed full of flowers and a complete overhaul of the back deck so that it was totally a party zone. All the ladies (Ashley, Dana, & Robin) fixed the most amazing hors d'oeuvres. The boys were totally in heaven! And look at these invites they hand-made ... how cute:Craig, Joe's Best Man, flew in to help us celebrate which was oh-so-sweet of him! We were all three hanging out at the house on Friday evening (night before the party) and Dana comes to our front door with ... HEATHER! My cousin and best friend from high school. I had no idea she was coming and it was the best surprise by far! I am so glad that these two out-of-towners that mean so much to Joe & I could make it down and meet all of our great ILM friends.Then Erich (groomsman) and his wife, Katie, weren't able to make the party but sent 2 dozen of the most delectable chocolate-covered strawberries to help us celebrate our engagement. I thought that was SO sweet. Needless to say, there weren't any of these left at the end of the night!Faye, the Maid of Honor, had some almond champagne delivered to us! AND then to top it all off, Joe's sister and husband sent us a TON of gifts from New Hampshire. They weren't able to make it either but sent some awesome stock-the-bar essentials in their place! Joe & I are definitely two lucky cats!Here's some pictures of OUR CREW:And then what's an evening w/out some hot-tubbing at the end?!

Lastly, a big HVALA for everyone that made this night so special for Joe & I! We are truly blessed with some of the greatest, most genuine friends. We love all of you and each of you holds a very special place in our hearts ... and liquor cabinet.


Danielle said...

Mel you have got to check out this you tube video.. i could totally see you doing this lol!!!

Kaylie said...

wow- that looks like an amazing engagement party! also- your wedding website is adorable- such a great idea :)

Shauna said...

what an amazing up every moment. the wedding festivities are some of the most memorable of my life. i can sooooo taste those chocolate covered strawberries right now! and so pretty, you must have a great group of buds. post more as it happens. we love weddings!!!