Thursday, August 27, 2009

Road Trip

One gazillion miles travelled = Joe & Josh competing in the Timberman Half Ironman on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We made a long weekend of it, stayed at Vlado's with a bunch of friends, and had an absolute blast.

Josh & Jen were our road trip buddies and we couldn't have asked for anyone better! We really made the most of everything! Love you guys. But we're totally flying next year. (wink)

Heather flew up from Pittsburgh to cheer Joe on! Within two seconds of landing at Vlado's, we were in the lake looking for golf balls. That evening we were dancing our legs off and totally hitting it off with all the locals. Later, Heather was fast asleep on the wicker furniture w/Puff the cat. Nighty Night.
Craig (Joe's Best Man in the wedding) drove in from Burlington, VT. It is so adorable to see these two together. They're totally like brothers from another mother.
We got to visit w/tons of Joe's family who also made it out to the tri. Vlado, of course, was a hit everywhere we went. And even Joe's uncle from France was in town and got to see Joe in action. It was wonderful!
Joe ended up placing 255 out of 2600 total people. Not too shabby. I'm super proud of him. He did, however, get super dehydrated on this one. But after two IV's, a million gallons of Pedialyte, and some home-cooking from Vlado, he was good to go!

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Danielle said...

Seriously that is unreal! Go joe! I know this is a silly question but what you do if you got to go potty when you are running one of those things? lol! congrats joe I think people who do these marathons are simply amazing! You think he'll ever do the full ironman?