Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For a solid year now, there has been talk amongst Josh, Jen, Joe, and myself of a so-called Mexican restaurant in downtown Chapel Hill called Bandido's where they house this HUMUNG-O burrito called the EL GIGANTE. They've created a challenge around this enormous burrito and dare anyone brave enough to attempt to gulp it down in one sitting. If one eats this mammoth of a meal, you are fairly compensated with a free t-shirt, a picture of yourself hung on the EL GIGANTE Wall-o-Fame, and you get live Mexican music shouted in your ear while the entire restaurant hoops and hollers and makes a mockery while the over-stuffed victim rushes to the nearest bathroom or dumpster to dispose of this 5 pound lump of refried beans, salsa, cheese, guac, and any other Mexican-esque side dish you can think of.

And this is where we found ourselves last Friday evening. At first I was beyond nauseous watching Joe devour this outrageous baby whale-sized thing. Then there was overwhelming laughter with tears streaming down my face as I watch Joe with this oversized sombrero dying of laughter as well.


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