Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 Easy Steps to a Prettier Kitchen

1.Marry a very handsome, very handy Croatian man.2.Have that Croatian man install a second switch for your new bright under-cabinet lighting.
3. Connect the light switch to your new bright under-cabinet lighting.4. Have the very handsome,very handy Croatian man lay all of the back-splash tile and then have him take a picture of you putting in the last tile so it looks like you did something.5. Arrange your kitchen chachkis just right.


The Dawsons said...

Haha! LOVE! Your new kitchen and the amazing wedding pic!

Shauna said...

hey looks great. I love subway tiles; they're the absolute best for white kitchens. you'll have to give me some pointers when we get our new home someday. (bleh...someday, someday, somedaty) :(
tile scares me a bit.
anyway, it looks really good. i'm glad that you're lovin married life. kids? j/k

Jen said...

This is great! I love it!