Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Hampsha'

For the second year in a row Joe & Josh participated in Timberman, a half Ironman located on Lake Winnipesaukee where Joe grew from a boy to a man and where his dad still lives today. Besides the race we usually try to make a weekend of it and enjoy ourselves a little in New Hampshire, the Granite State (a new valuable fact I picked up on this visit).
Many of us were veterans and had done this weekend retreat before. Vlado (of course), Joe, myself, Jen, Josh, Craig, and Puff (the cat). We knew what was in store. Great food, great conversations, stick tricks, loads of laughing, nice cool temperatures, more great food, the beautiful lake, the amazing town of Wolfeboro and its people that never change and why I like it so much, reminiscing of last year, and more great food.Joe did the race three minutes faster than last year. Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe!You thought the half Ironman was hard?! Try some of Vlado's stunts.
NOW let the games REALLY begin!
We did have some greenies this weekend. Some fresh meat. Some newbies if you will. Count Joel, Stephanie, Sami, and the Bless Family ... Eliot, Nicole (Joe's sister), Baby Bless (due in September!), and Cody (the dog).And last but certainly not least we had some fall-outs. Some superstars that heartbreak-ingly were traded to another team. Stric (Uncle) Luca to the French and Heather to the Chinese. But these two teammates were definitely there in spirit. Please note the gap between Craig & I:


Shauna said...

looks like a fun weekend mel. i'm almost drooling looking at that pasta. is that what comes with races and ironmans...pasta? i knew there was a least one reason that kind of thing was appealing to people! lol.
anyway....GO JOE! great job!!
ps. that girl in the first couple pics, and you, could totally be sisters. weird.

Eliot said...

Looks like Craig's playing a little grab ass...probably Stric Luca's. :P