Thursday, August 19, 2010

ella loves aunt mel

Ella wrote and produced a song. It goes like this, 'Auuuuunnnnt Meeeeellll, I lllloooovvvvve yoooouuuuuu!' She sings it high. She sings it low. She sings it fast. She sings it slow. But one thing is for sure, she sings it. Every time I'm around I get the pleasure of hearing her sing 'my song.' While I was at work this week Robin sent me this video ... a little pick-me-up. I couldn't stop laughing and crying and laughing and crying. It hurts my heart ... in a good way.

1 comment:

The Dawsons said...

So happy you put this on your blog!! It is soooo cute!
(Also, you are going to have to teach me how to put video's on your blog). :)