Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Joe LOVES to ride his skateboard to either
A. take out the trash
B. go get the mail.
If I attempt to do either one of these household chores via car I am instantly scolded and pushed to the side.
So when I came home from work last night driving through the parking lot to find my spot I see this young stud cruising on his skateboard. I instantly jetted back to the summer of 2005 when Joe was the hottest thing on four wheels. When I would take Joe to the top of hills with his skateboard and meet him at the bottom ... just to take him up to the top again.
Then I fast-forwarded to the present and realized that I still think Joe is the hottest thing ... on two really fast triathlon wheels.
But then that thought was suddenly interrupted with the sounds of both the washing machine and dishwasher going as I entered the front door ... and Joe shouting, 'What's for dinner?'
At least I got these few shots of my young/old stud before it was time to make supper.


Perry McKenzie said...

Love this post - adorable!

The Dawsons said...

Love the new posts! Too funny!