Friday, September 3, 2010

goodbye earl

We saw Earl across the room.  He flirted.  We nodded.  He asked us out.  We got all dressed up.  And then he was a no-show.  Not a drop of rain.  Not a gust of wind.  It was calm and breezy all night long.  I kept jumping up and looking out the window to see if anything was a' brewing.  Nada. Nischta. Nothing.
So goodbye Earl. 


The Dawsons said...

Jon was so upset! lol.

Perry McKenzie said...

love this post - so true!!!

Shauna said...

cute post mel. it's always a bit exciting to almost be in the middle of a disaster isn't it?...why is that? it's a DISASTER . oh well, maybe next time. lol.