Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekend updates

Even though the 70 degree days last well into November around here, it still feels like the end of summer once you hit Labor Day Weekend.  And the end of summer always wakes me up,kicks my butt into gear and helps me get a bunch of last minute fun-ness in before the cold weather bears down.
So with enough airline miles in pocket to cash in for 2 free round-trip tickets to New York, we were well on our way to spend Labor Day Weekend with Hector & Andrea.  When I saw their decked-out backyard complete with a pool, grill, and more lounges than the local hotel I instantly reverted back to our honeymoon in St. Lucia.  And I once again became a pool hog.  We had breakfast by the pool.  We laid by the pool.  We had lunch by the pool.  We roasted s'mores by the pool.  If possible, I would've slept by the pool.  It was the perfect relaxing weekend to a perfect relaxing summer...
(dun. dun. duuuuun.) (scary movie music)
It was time to shape up or ship out.  Robin, Dana, and I decided to do a relay triathlon.  Dana swimming.  Me biking.  And Robin finishing us off as the runner.  We called ourselves the HUSTLIN' HONEYS.  And believe it or not, we placed 3rd out of the relay teams!  That's much more than I ever did by myself.  I'm so proud of us.
But with all the hoopla going on around us, we didn't forget to stop and Remember 9/11.  This is where I do a special shout out to my husband.  Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Hvala, Josip.  
"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. 
But, the Marines don't have that problem."
Ronald Reagan

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Shauna said...

glad you guys had a good fun, relaxing weekend. i want to go on a trip:(
and YIPPEE for you Mel, you're becoming quite the cyclist eh? that's awesome. it's funny how our spouses passions wear off on us huh? i have caved to watching about 4 different survival shows a week with brent (does that count as the same thing? lol) smooches.