Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joe

Dana (my great friend) dates Brad, fishing/hunting connoisseur.  Joe loves Brad to say the least.  And because of Brad, Joe has recently become enamored with spear fishing.  He goes into magazine shops looking for spear fishing magazines.  He checks by the local dive shop looking at fins.  He's always trying his old snorkel mask on at home. 
So for his birthday I decided to feed the beast. I enlisted Brad & Dana as my helpers and bought Joe his first pole spear.  There was really no hiding this 7 foot long humung-o thing so as soon as I picked it up Sunday night I took it right home and gave it to him.  I don't think he let go of it the rest of the night. 


Shauna said...

brent's the same way when he's into something. boys crack me up. i remember when he used to wear his snow boarding gear around the house for fun. oh...when he used to bring his mountain bike in the living room just so it was in there with us...or set up tents in the basement and lay in them. seriously, what's up with that. i have to say though, i may leave brent alone about survival camping from now on...spear fishing is even more out there than THAT! hope ya catch something big Joe. HAppy B-day!

Shauna said...

i feel bad that my survival post was kinda lame, and that someone actually cared (thanks Joe). if you ever get into it, give me a shout and i'll give you the low down skinny on all the goods. we have some pretty cool stuff in our packs, but i didn't want to bore anyone with the details. maybe we can swap info joe...i think i'd really like to get into spear fishing. wait, no...just kidding. later gators.

Perry Ann Adams said...

Hey girl!! I have a new blog address and wanted to fill you in! ... that 'ol last name is slowly becoming history! ... also, cute post on Joe's birthday and gift! Boys and their toys!!! Shawn had all of his hockey gear on for like 2 days on last year's birthday! LOL!