Friday, October 22, 2010

Mel's 28th Birthday, Part 1 - Bald Head Island

Before I get started ... yes, there is a Part 1 to my birthday.  Because there is a Part 2.  And that's how I roll.
Let's Begin.
Bald Head Island is an island of magic.  It is completely removed from your everyday nonsense and has made itself an exclusive club off the coast of NC.  The only way to get to the island is to be invited by a resident of the island.  I even think there's a secret handshake, password, and decoder ring in there somewhere.  The only way on and off the island is through an exclusive Bald Head ferry ... or if you happen to own your own yacht.  There are no cars on the island; there are only golf carts.  Some of which probably cost more than my car.  It is quiet.  Relaxed.  Reserved.  Southern hospitality oozes from it's pores.  And my family is lucky enough to have an aunt and uncle who have a vacation home in this lap of luxury.
I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 18th on BHI with loads of friends and family.  Now ten years later I thought it was time for another go-around.  And that's where Joe & I found ourselves last weekend for my birthday.  And as if that wasn't fabulous enough, fate aligned the stars once more and placed our godchildren's Fall Break on the same weekend.  And I always say, the more the merrier.

Undisclosed location where we boarded the BHI ferry and began my birthday weekend. 

The Wheless' met us at the door as the golf cart tram dropped us off.  They were ready for adventure.  Dean Patrick swiped Joe's headlamp and we were off to visit the nighttime beach-scape.
Helena's star wand was one of those cool light-up things ... where you snap them and they begin to glow.  Then you store them in the freezer so they keep longer.  Talk about bringing the 80's back!
Girl Talk.
Saturday morning (nice flannel, Chancho) Joe was up and at 'em.  A bike ride is always the perfect way to start a day.
The boys piled in the back of the golf cart.  First stop, the market for some shopping!

Next stop, the remains of the original lighthouse on BHI.  We spotted a red fox here.  There is tons of nature on BHI.  Helena & I even caught sight of some deer.
Turtle Conservatory.  BHI is home to loads of Loggerhead turtle nests.  In fact, the weekend we were there was a huge release. 

Joe brought his take-along hammock.  He was the perfect picture of a happy camper.

This was our ride.
This was the birthday palace.
Of course, we got in some sunny beach time.

Uncle Kenny conquering his new hobby.  He found $1.80 in change.  Just sayin'...
Joe took this $1.99 Tazmanian kite to new heights literally.  250 feet in the air.  If you don't think it can be done, Joe will do it and make it look good.  That's my boy.

Couldn't this be on the brochure for BHI ... or Broadway.  We'll take either one.
Get it, girl.
Beautiful Monarch butterflies were at every corner.
This was the Yellow-bellied slider turtle lookout. 
... and this is what popped out of the water!  I almost died.  See you later alligator; after while crocodile. 
BHI Chapel.  Possible location of our children's weddings?!
Old Baldy ... the new and improved lighthouse on BHI.

Time to celebrate!  (The crew of Twilight was even with us.)

Had to throw this one in there.  We went on a nature walk Sunday morning.  I caught this shot of Joe looking like a flippin' J.Crew model.  What a stud.

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