Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mel's 28th Birthday, Part 2 - Ice Cream Party

In the Summer of 2000, I was preparing for my grandiose move to the state of North Carolina to begin my new life as a college student at UNCW.  Bags were packed.  Class schedule was set. And Galloway Dormitory would be my new home away from home.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.
I had received a welcoming letter in the mail from my new college that included the name and phone number of my new roommate.  Boy, was I exited!  Being an only child for 17 years had gotten a little lonely.  
I grabbed the portable phone out of the kitchen, made my way to the back porch, and dialed the number.  That first conversation with Dana was so easy and familiar.  I know you hear the expression all the time but it honestly felt like we had been friends for years.  We talked and talked ... and talked for hours.  We had obviously been friends for many lifetimes before and were simply just picking up where we had left off.  
And I'm so thankful our conversation is still going strong ten years later.  Joe can attest to the countless number of phone conversations that begin to end until ... 'Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing...'  Those 'one more things' can sometimes last a very long time.
For my 28th, it was no surprise to me that Dana would go out of her way to make me feel as special as she could on my birthday.  Mission accomplished, girl.  She threw me a very elaborate, very amazing ice cream birthday party (girls only!).  All of us girls laughed and talked.  Ate ice cream.  Reminisced and talked.  And ate more ice cream.  I had the most fabulous time.  More importantly I have the most fabulous friend in Dana.

 (special shout out to Jen for the awesome bday gift ... killer cowboy boots!)


Perry Ann Adams said...

Girl, you know how to celebrate a birthday!! Both parts of your big day look like so much fun!!! :) And I'm still SWOONING over those serving pieces! What a beautiful party Dana threw you!

Faye said...

love it!! wish i could have been there to join in on the celebration!

Lisa D said...

BTW - you graduated from H.S. in 2000 and therefore, you would have begun preparing for your move to college in the summer of 2000. Sorry, the "editor" in me comes out after I have been looking through Cooper's homework to find mistakes. Unfortunately, I tend to find more with his than I did with yours :) Awesome party though - Dana is a natural.

Joe and Melody said...

Correction noted and changed. Always keeping me on my toes, Mama D! I like it. And when did I get so old ... was our drive from PA to NC in the Jetta really 10 years ago?